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Aberdeen Dental Group, Peachtree City

Aberdeen Dental Group was started in 1974 by Dr. Gordon Fleming because there was a lack of local dental care in Peachtree City. Just as ADG started as a service to the community, it has continued with a stunningly simple vision: offer great care and treat everyone like family. In 2004, ADG expanded that vision to Newnan, where we took on a practice whose doctor was retiring.

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Our Story

In 2001, the practice was joined by Dr. Dominick D’Auria, who fell in love with the area during a visit with his family. He started as an associate with Dr. Fleming and became the owner in 2010. Dr. D’Auria’s passion for dentistry was ignited by his childhood dentist, who mentored him through high school and college. That early inspiration laid the foundation for Dr. D’Auria’s vision of a comprehensive family practice that offers all appointments in-house and feels like a community.

Same-Day Emergency Services

At ADG, patients are known and appreciated. We believe that no one should suffer without help, so we offer same-day emergency services, even for brand new patients. Our offices are homey (but also meticulously cleaned!) and filled with staff who have served our patients for years.

Both locations participate in community causes like Toys for Tots, book drives, and other charitable projects.

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