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Offering Emergency Dentistry for Newnan, GA Patients

Unexpected events happen all the time in life. There’s simply nothing you can do to prevent them. However, if the unexpected event is a dental issue, you can make it easier on yourself by seeing an oral health professional that offers emergency dentistry. Newnan and Peachtree, GA patients can trust the expertise and quick response of the team at Aberdeen Dental Care. We’re able to provide same-day care for patients facing an urgent dental problem. We understand that there are many instances where you need care right away, which is why we offer same-day appointments for emergency situations. Contact us today if you have a dental emergency, and we’ll make time to see you.

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Visit Us for Oral Injuries

A number of situations can cause dental emergencies. An accidental fall can break or knock out your tooth. Crunchy snacks can crack or break your teeth. These issues require the care of dental professional as soon as possible. Without immediate attention, these dental problems have the potential to become even worse, resulting in permanent loss of teeth or expensive treatments. The team at Aberdeen Dental Group is here to address all dental issues, including emergencies at our Newnan and Peachtree offices. Whether you have suffered an injury to your mouth, gums, or teeth, our team will act quickly to address the issue and help you feel better.

Don’t Ignore Dental Pain

Pain in the mouth, gums, or teeth is a sign of an underlying problem and is your body’s way of telling you something is amiss. Perhaps you’ve undergone a procedure that won’t seem to heal. Maybe an infection is causing your gums to swell and your teeth to hurt. Perhaps you have damage to a nerve that is causing pain. Whatever the cause, you need to get to a dental professional as soon as possible, not only to ease your pain but also to find the source of the problem. At Aberdeen Dental Group, we don’t make you wait days until the next available appointment. Instead, we make room for you in our schedule the same day, so you get the care you need right away. Contact us today if you’re facing a dental emergency.

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